marți, 1 februarie 2011

Key dinosaur discovery made by Canadian geologists?

Huge news from our friends upnorth. Ancient tracks found in Western Canada may help solve whether dinosaurs ever roamed that far west.

The dinosaur tracks and a fossilized turtle shell, estimated to be about 125 million years old, were discovered north of Terrace, British Columbia, by provincial geologists doing a routine survey for energy exploration.


Dinosaur tracks had never been found so far west in Canada. Although large quantities of fossils have been recovered east of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, scientists have speculated a geological feature -- a mountain range or an ocean arm -- had blocked the dinosaurs' path.


Mustard said the size of the footprints indicated the dinosaurs were likely raptors, predators that stood taller than a man.

The tracks were probably made as the animals walked across soft sand on a river bank or flood plain. They were then covered by layers of sediment and hardened into clearly identifiable three-toed footprints.

Mustard predicted the finding would lead to more discoveries in the region. "There's an entire world to be seen there," he said.
This is pretty big. This could open the flood gates to new discoveries in western Canada. Footprints may not be the only thing found. All new species of dinosaurs could follow suit. Yes, I'm excited.