marți, 1 februarie 2011

A trip around the web

Over at Pharyngula, PZ has changed to a pirate theme for the day. He must be looking for that elusive buried treasure.

On an update from Ivan, it looks like the barrier islands in the gulf are now gone. These important barriers help keep the mainland from flooding.

Science and Nature magazines have interviews with Kerry and Bush on science issues. I'll talk more about their answers a little bit later.

How do fertility clinics dispose of embryos? It varies, but some do wild things.

Seven clinics said they performed a quasi-religious ceremony, including a prayer, for each embryo they destroyed.

Seven others took the technically unnecessary step of culturing the cells in a lab dish, then allowing them to multiply on their own, briefly, before they perish.

Four insisted that, whatever method was chosen for disposal, the patient be present when it happens. Others barred them from being in the room, or recommended that they be uninvolved.
Unbelievable...I wonder if the garbage can was an answer?

And finally, my beloved Redskins commited 7 turnovers in their loss to NY Giants. It's still early in the season.